Earth Made

A clean grooming essential for men everywhere. Our products are handcrafted using ingredients found in nature. We believe everyone should have the freedom to be stylish without having to worry about chemicals in the products they use on a day to day basis.

All products are proudly handmade, 100% natural, cruelty free, paraben free, chemical free & made with no artificial fragrances.

"It has great hold even in windy weather and does not get greasy even if you re-apply midway through the day."


"I honestly think this is one of the best hair pomades out there, if not the best."


"Having an all natural product in my hair is simply a great bonus."


“Personally, this one worked best. Hard to find a strong hold, no shine hair product and is natural.”


”Wow! It actually performed way better than I thought. Matte the moment it touches your hair, easy to apply, easy to use and control.“